9 Months

It always feels nuts when I tell someone I have a daughter. But recently when I tell someone I have a 9-month old, I almost can’t wrap my head around it! I know I’ve said it time and time again, but watching her grow up each month is going by so quickly! When I put Eva to bed at the end of the night, sometimes I get sad because another day is over and she’s getting older and older. Last week, we were all outside playing the yard. I told T.J. how I couldn’t believe she was now 9-months and that she’d be 1 year old in just 3 months. By the end of the sentence, I was in tears and T.J. was totally confused what happened. My baby grew up very fast. That’s what happened.

However sad it may be that my little baby girl is growing up, it’s also so exciting. Eva is such a character and is so fun to be around. Everyday brings something new. Today she won’t stop buzzing her lips. Yesterday she kept smacking her lips. Monday she wanted to walk her walker all day long.

Eva’s new “smile”

This month has been so fun with Eva. She started crawling the beginning of August, has discovered stairs at her Grandma and Grandparents’ house, wants to eat EVERYTHING that we are eating (not her own baby food though), wants to climb up on furniture, and (I think) is starting to teeth again this week.


Playing peekaboo, crawling after me, being outside, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, listening to her Mickey Mouse CD, watching cars drive by, drinking out of her sippee cup, playing in sheets, climbing on everything and anything, trying to walk, pushing her walker, eating avocados and bananas, trying to sip out of my straw, tasting my froyo, playing with her pirate sword, trying to type on my computer.


Getting her diaper changed, sitting still, cuddling, being rocked (as you can tell, she really only wants to crawl and keep crawling), keeping quiet, dropping her daddy off at work, getting out of the bathtub, getting something taken away from her, having someone else holding her bottle.

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