5K Champion

On the 24th of July, my alarm went off at 5:55 am. I suddenly was having flash backs of early morning seminary. So miserable. It was time to wake up for the 5K I signed up for.

To most people, a 5K is probably not a big deal. And actually, the distance wasn’t worrisome for me. But I just wanted to do good because it was the first race I had ever ran in. Run…job… walk. First race I had ever signed up for. And since I have been trying to get back in shape all summer, it was a goal for me to work towards. I even got emotional at one point because I was so proud that I made a goal and accomplished it.

When I was getting ready, I noticed it was pitch black outside still and raining. Flashbacks to early morning seminary in the winter. Even worse.

But by the time we arrived at the buses, the sun was rising, the rain (for the most part) had cleared, and I was getting really into the spirit of the whole thing!

I finished 45 seconds before my goal, so that was awesome… and the song my shuffle ended on was Chris Brown’s Forever. Really? Could there be a more perfect pump up song to finish a race? Nope. It was perfect. And so fun to do it with my sister-in-law Lacey.

Can’t wait to do a 10K this fall!

Lacey and I on the bus before the race

Finished! It might have been slow, but I did it!

T.J.’s cousins Katie and Annie, Lacey, and I with our large muscles

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    You and Lacey seriously look like biological sisters! At least in those top two pictures. Glad you had a good experience, I need to run an official one soon!


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