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The Happiest Flower

  1. Come on, back aches! Lay off! I can’t sit for more than an hour without their lovely little pains distracting me. I didn’t sign up for this! Well, I guess I did when I decided to have a baby, but I didn’t know that this was in store for me.
  2. Why couldn’t Harry Potter have come out next week? As in, after our next pay day? I don’t think we will be seeing it at midnight, which is heart-breaking.
  3. Uhm, I don’t want to wait 20 more weeks until I have this baby! It’s not that I’m sick of being pregnant, I love it, I really do. I just want to meet my little baby! She’s all I think about, day and night. I read a birth story this morning and cried the entire time (yeah, I’m very emotional) because I was so excited for our big day. December 1st is wayyyyyy too far away (although, Hobby Lobby does already have their Christmas stuff out), I just want to move all of this along.
  4. Talking about the baby, she is getting so big! Seriously, my belly is starting to grow exponentially. Her legs and arms are finally proportional (no more alien baby) and she can hear outside sounds. She is kicking and moving, especially late at night, and she loves sour treats. Well, at least that’s how I’m explaining my sour treat cravings.
  5. My coworkers found a blog called E Tells Tales. It was her birth story that I read this morning, I love her blogging writer style (it kind of feels like reading a novel), but there is something unique/unusual about her relationship. I won’t tell you what it is, I want you to find out for yourself. It might creep you out a bit, but it made me want to read post after post after post.
  6. I played Uno with my in-laws last night. The rules were quite strange, you could match cards even if it wasn’t your turn, which made it a confusing mess. But it was still hilarious, oh and btw, I dominated.
  7. Hannah Judd is finally back from her little weekend trip (well, she’s back to her place in Mexico), so I finally get to talk to her. Exciting news of the day.
  8. One of my coworkers got married this weekend. Check out her blog to see some bridal photos, they’re a darling couple.
  9. I helped plan our ward activity last Saturday. It was a cookout up in the canyon and a complete success. We had at least fifty people show up, enough food (who knew it was so hard to figure out how many hamburgers to buy?), and the weather held up for us.
  10. I made some delicious tuna sandwiches yesterday, get ready for that recipe!
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  1. Elise Parker
    Elise Parker says:

    Umm… where did the last hour of my life go? Oh, that’s right, reading the E TELLS TALES blog. Now I’m kinda addicted.


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