4 Months


Putting anything and everything into her mouth, most especially her pointer finger. This game where I pretend I’m asleep, then open my eyes really fast and say boo… always gets a laugh. Trying to sit up on her own. Wearing her bunny ears (okay, that’s just MY favorite). Swinging in her bouncy thing. Touching the baby food to her tongue but not actually eating it or letting it get in her mouth. Elliott the Elephant’s crinkly ears. Drooling. Baths. Going on walks. Being sung to.


Bouncing in her new bouncy toy–she just sits there and sucks on the fabric. Trying to fall asleep after the first yawn. Her binky unless she’s about to fall asleep. Riding in the car when no one is sitting in the back with her. Napping. The sun on her eyes. Waiting to be fed.

Diva Eva is 4 months old. 15 pounds. Holy cow, she is getting old and big… well, for a newborn baby.

Some things that Eva is doing… hmmmm… well she doesn’t nap too well. I think the Kentucky trip threw her off. She’s finally taking getting back into the swing of napping longer than twenty minutes. But on the upside, she still sleeps every night from about 9 pm-8 am without waking up.

Last week she was going through a growth spurt I think because it seemed like no amount of food would satisfy her. So, I decided to have her try baby food last week. She liked the way it tasted, but didn’t know what to do with it exactly. We will keep working on that… oh and I will upload the video of her first time trying the sweet potatoes… hilarious.

Eva finally does pretty good in the car if someone else is back there with her. If she has a toy, she lasts about ten minutes max without crying, which also is an approvement. Finally, I don’t dread running errands.

She is quite demanding when she’s hungry… she wants the food exactly then and she will let you know it. Sometimes it sounds like she hasn’t ever eaten in her life, when really she just ate a couple hours earlier. That is precisely why we call her Diva Eva.

What I have enjoyed most about this past month is how she really knows me… her momma. In the first couple of months, you are with the baby nonstop and wonder if you’re even making a difference. But I know that I am now. I love her to death!

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  1. Lelia
    Lelia says:

    Hehe I love these updates!! So amazing to see how much she’s changing! So enjoyed our little catch up while you were home! Hope to see you sometime this summer 🙂


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