3rd Annual Spooktacular

After organizing our church’s Halloween party, Relief Society October craft activity, going to the pumpkin walk, cleaning up a lot of pumpkin guts all month long, I was pretty tired by last weekend and told T.J. I was sick of Halloween and wished we could skip over our party. Just a word to the wise, don’t ever tell T.J. you don’t like Halloween, you’re sick of the holiday, or anything along those lines because he might take it personally. So, I tried to suck it up and put on a happy face for a couple more days so I could get through our annual Halloween party. But I made a deal with T.J. If he didn’t want me to have a complete mental breakdown, then I got to dress up in something easy and simple.

Thankfully, I came up with the idea to be Miranda Sings and T.J. decided to stay dressed as a steampunk villain (his department at work was assigned this costume).

I made a lot of my desserts the day before the actual party and tried to clean throughout the week, so on the actual day of the party, I wasn’t very stressed and got to enjoy the wonderful weather.

We had an incredible turnout. In the beginning, it was almost too crazy but then some people started going outside to the fire pit which helped to give us some more room.

As soon as everyone left, I put all of the decorations away. Enough is enough! But I decided maybe it’s good to do a holiday SO much that when it’s over, you’re not sad about it!

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