39 Weeks


(Taken at 38 Weeks)

ONE WEEK UNTIL MY DUE DATE?! Ah! I feel so many emotions, but most of all just excitement. I’m not as nervous about the delivery anymore (I can do it!) and I’m just excited to meet this little (well, maybe massive) guy. Mostly, I’m thrilled to be done with pregnancy. It hasn’t been terrible or anything. I’m just done. I want my body back, I want to stop being in pain from this kid kicking me day and night (guys, I feel like Bella in Twilight sometimes), and I want to sleep normal again.

I was supposed to have my appointment today but on Tuesday my doctor’s office called and said I could come in that morning and get checked just in case I had any progress and needed/wanted to get induced later in the week since he is doing his inducings on Friday. I was in the office within the hour but kept telling myself not to get my hopes up because probably nothing was going on! Sure enough… I was right. Not dilated, not effaced. But that’s okay. My health is good so there’s no need to get this baby here right now anyway just because I am uncomfortable. Oh, but funny thing. Eva came to my appointment with me and as I was getting undressed from waist down, she was SO confused and couldn’t stop asking me what I was doing. I wish I had her reaction on video, it really made me laugh so hard.

Back when I was pregnant with Eva, she had to be induced a week after my due date and when I went to the hospital, there was nothing going on down there so they really thought she’d be a c-section. The medicine did work though, no c-section was needed, so this time I’m not nervous to be induced since I know my body can do it! If history repeats itself (which my doctor thinks it will), I’ll be induced again a week after my due date. Anyway, it’ll happen when it’s supposed to and as much as I want this kid here, we are just trying to have a lot of fun and enjoy these last few weeks as a family of three.

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