3 Years Old

My niece, Claire, is a riot. Here are some of the funny things she said over the break:

  • “What are those boys doing?” (Referring to my dad and brother looking at slides)
  • “I put my panties on my head! It was like a Panty Hat!” (She woke T.J. and I up with that important news)
  • “I don’t want to ride down this mountain!” (Referring to sledding down our driveway which is not very steep at all)
  • “Hi, ‘Hide and Seek’ Sam!” (Sam always plays Hide and Seek with her…)
  • “I want a lay down diaper with bottom cream!” (She sees the new baby get a diaper with cream so now when she tears her pull-ups apart and wants to be like the baby)
  • “That’s gorgeous!” (Referring to a toy at the dollar store)
  • “Hold on to that tight because that is very fragile!” (Referring to her new little plastic piggy bank)
  • “I want to play with that girl!” (Pointing at me)
  • “PAUSE THE TV! PAUSE IT! PAUSE IT!” (She had to upstairs for a minute and just kept shouting this)
  • “I’m a crackernut!” (She calls nutcrackers, “crackernuts”)
  • “I want to watch the movie where the boy steps on his glasses and cries!” (Referring to the Christmas Story)
  • “My name is Megan.” (Her reply when someone asked her for her name.)
  • “I hate wolves, bears, beasts, and rats!” (She went on to tell my why. All of them are from stories that scare her to death)
  • YOU’RE ON FIRE, YOU’RE BURNING TO DEATH!” (We were playing “hot and cold.” I wasn’t anywhere near where she hid her toy.)
  • She starts most of her sentences saying, “Maybe… Maybe….. Maybe…” while shaking her index finger like she’s thinking.

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