3 Months

Eva has gotten a nickname: Diva Eva. She is our little diva. She’s just as dramatic as her momma, if not more. But because of it, she makes us laugh every day. We joke saying that she is now the queen of the house, she knocked me off the throne and now we have to wait on her, hand and foot. She even loves riding around in her “chariot” throughout the house. Okay, it’s just a stroller. But she loves being in it, so I even push her around sometimes in the house.

Our new favorite game is to throw Eva up in the air a little bit. The first time I did it, I could tell she was a little freaked out. But then she realized she was okay, and gave me a huge smile. I’ll get a video of that soon.

What else is new? Eva is on the verge of giving us a full out laugh. She chuckles and makes cute little coos when she gets really happy, so any day now I’m hoping we get a real belly laugh out of her!

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