26 and 27 Months

I forgot to write about Evabug last month, so I’m combining the two months into one post.

Recently, we have felt like Eva is a full blown two year old… with all of its pros and cons. She has such a fun, energetic, happy personality. But she also it quite high-strung and dramatic… just like me! Ha, I’m sorry Eva! One minute we will be having a great time and laughing, but then something won’t work the way Eva wants it to work, and she’ll throw a huge tantrum. I think most of it is just communication barriers. I can’t always understand what she is trying to say, and once she get’s frustrated, it makes it even harder.

But the tantrums aren’t anything worrisome… I just keep telling myself that she is two and it’s normal! Plus, in between the whines she is seriously hilarious and adorable! One night we were putting her to bed and reading some books. We read out favorite “Barnyard Dance” book and Eva got up and started acting out all of the words. “Twirl with the piggies if you know how!” Then she grabbed her daddy’s hand and told him to dance too. It was so amazing, we read the book three times because we couldn’t get enough.

Eva goes to the potty about once a day, but I have been too lazy to actual go cold turkey and give it my 100%. We just are so used to going out everyday for about 2-3 hours, I just didn’t want to stay home for a whole week straight. So, this past Monday I decided to really do it. All Sunday we talked about how Monday was going to be “Panty Day” and how Eva would only wear panties and no more diapers… you know… all that stuff. We got the sticker chart ready, some chocolate chips out for bribes, and I cried on Sunday night thinking that would be the last diaper I’d change on Eva because she was growing up. But Monday morning rolled around, and she did okay in the morning. She went to the bathroom as soon as she woke up, then I asked her to put on her panties (which are all very fun and cute looking) but she refused (which is SO strange because usually she begs to wear them but I hadn’t let her until then). She cried and asked to wear her diaper (WHAT?! so weird!) but instead she just went bare bummed around the house for a couple of hours. I tried to have her go every twenty minutes, but from then on, she wouldn’t even step into the bathroom. By noon she was in tears, diaper in hand, begging to wear a diaper. So I gave in. I didn’t want to traumatize her and I thought… if she’s not ready today, then that’s okay. We will try again soon. Probably next Monday. Any tips are GREATLY appreciated!

There were a couple of weeks where Eva would not nap! It was so hard on me and really wore me out. Even with “quiet time,” Eva would get really cranky by the end of the night so I knew it wasn’t time to transition her out of a nap. I also don’t like having to put her to bed early because that means T.J. won’t see her at all through the week, which breaks my heart. But I think part of why she has had issues napping is that on Sundays, our church is right during nap time. And if she doesn’t have a nap on Saturdaybecause we are out and about in the city, then she goes two days without napping and it throws her off! Another thing is that some days we are stuck inside because of snow and so she’s not tired enough for a nap since she sleeps between 11-14 hours each night. But things are getting back to normal. She’s doing much better now and I try to make sure she runs in the hall for a bit each day if we haven’t gotten out. My mom had a saying growing up, “When Mom’s happy, everyone’s happy.” Well, in my house it’s, “When Eva is happy, everyone’s happy.” And on the flip side… if Eva is cranky and doesn’t take a nap, then I’m cranky and don’t get to work!

Other than that, not much has changed since last time I wrote. Eva still loves singing, dancing, coloring, running, playing games, reading books, playing in her tent, wearing dresses, cooking with her momma, and taking bubble baths. She is at times quite a Miss Bossy Pants, but her spunkiness really makes me laugh sometimes!

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