25 Months

It feels ridiculous to call Eva’s age, “25 months.” But I like documenting what’s going on in Eva’s life each month, and we already have the system in place… so why change it?

So, now that Eva is 25 months old, she is as silly as ever. Today at church, she was looking at her picture book and there was a girl doing a hand stand. What did Eva do then? Tried to do a hand stand. Right there in church.

Her speech has also taken off, which is so exciting. It’s not just words now, she’s saying short sentences! The best one? “I love you.” Then we’ve got, “Mom, come here.” And, “Me help?” Which doesn’t mean, “Can I help?” It means, “Help me.”

Ashley was watching her the other day and she couldn’t get a toy to work. Eva then said, “It’s not working.” It’s so crazy to hear her say new things everyday. I’m such a proud momma.

Eva loves arts and crafts. We water-color, do play-dough, color, draw, and paint all the time. Eva also loves princesses and babies. If she can wear a princess dress while tending to her babies, life is bliss. She loves dancing, playing patty-cake, reading, playing in her tent, and running (“ME RUN, PEEEEEASE?”). I think my favorite thing though about Eva right now is how she is always singing a little song. Most of the time it’s Twinkle, but she occasionally switches it up.

IMG_2358 IMG_2359 IMG_2360 IMG_2361 IMG_2364 IMG_2366 IMG_2368 IMG_2376

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