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24 Hours of Driving Later…

… and we’re finally back home!

Hannah and I made it safely back last night. There were some crazy drivers, roads, and towns (or should I call them villages?), but I am in Provo and loving the beautiful mountains surrounding me!

I got a call from T.J. on our way back saying that he had a surprise for me. I finally got what the surprise was out of him: he made dinner for me! He has never done this. Well, there might have been an occasional grilled cheese or french toast when I was in my first trimester and couldn’t stand the smell of anything cooking. But besides that, this was the first real meal he has made me since we got married. It was chicken breasts with a tasty coating (he mentioned he put paprika in it… I was impressed that he even knew what paprika was!) and a side of vegetables. Of course the way he put it all together was adorable and artistic: the veggies were in this perfect circle (maybe he used the ice-cream scooper?) and there was a streak of mustard sauce going down the center like in a fancy restaurant. And the real surprise was the clean kitchen when I arrived home.

I have the best husband!


So, I am going to be in Provo for about 3 days and then I leave for my other trip to Washington DC to visit my sister Mary Beth and her family (this one also cost me nothing because I’m flying Standby)! I can’t wait to see my darling nieces Claire and Amelia! I can wait for the flight from Long Beach to DC though. That’s going to be a long one!

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