23 Months



Wow, I cannot believe we are to 23 months already! Next month, Eva is going to be 2! TWO! Goodness sakes, where did time go? Where did my baby go? Eva is growing up more and more every day, which is SO exciting. But I also want to soak up every bit of baby Eva for as long as I can.

This month as been fun, as usual, with Eva. Every day she says more and more words, I can’t keep up with them any more. My favorite words she says are Church (because she asks to go to church all the time, which is just adorable and so sweet) and Halloween (because it’s such a big word and her eyes get big when she says it!). She also has her own Eva language and at times, she will carry on whole conversations with herself in this mumbo jumbo. It’s a riot.

She’s starting to remember the sounds of numbers too, which is funny. Unnnnnn, twoooooo, teeeeee. Then she’ll start saying random letters, so we’re still working on it. But Eva impresses me every day!

Eva loves her babies. She is always concerned about them, pretends to burp them, put them in the bath with her (the ones that are water proof, although she wants to put all of them in), combs their hair, she even brought her snow white figurine (it’s like two inches tall) to the dinner table last night and tried to feed her. It actually worked out well because I’d say, “One bite for Snow White,” then she would feed Snow and then I’d say, “One bite for Eva.” And Eva would eat it! She ate tons at dinner last night, much more than usual. So, we’ll be trying that trick again.

At night, Eva has to say goodnight to Mickey and to Blue. So, we watch a couple minutes of her favorite episodes on my phone, where she will then kiss the phone. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff, but don’t worry mom… we also pray at night and read books! She still loves to be sung to at night and would have me sing to her for hours if I’d let her. “More, More, More!” We sang Christmas songs last night and I realized I don’t know all the words to those carols!

Eva sings along with me, as well. She knows a couple words to Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree, Twinkle Twinkle, Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, and the goodnight song from the Music Together series. It’s adorable to hear her sing in her sweet, high voice. She loves to make hand motions and to dance along.

Shoes are another favorite of Eva’s. Not just her shoes, which she’s obsessed with her church shoes that have bows, but my shoes. Every day, she walks around in my shoes that she gets out of the closet. The higher the heel, it seems like, the better. It kind of scares me, I don’t want her to twist her ankle. But she loves them so much! We were walking past a shoe store in the mall yesterday, and she sat down (just in the middle of the walkway), took off her shoes and tried to put on the sample shoes that were at the door. She loves fashion more than me!

Another funny thing this month is that Eva has discovered her love for clocks. She’s always loved her Grandpa and Grandma’s clock that makes music every hour, and when we Facetime with them, she always asks to see the clock. So, I think that’s where the love came from. Then she found an old watch of T.J.’s and asks to see the clock on my phone. Whenever we are out, she likes to point out the clocks. The bigger the better, and when they make noise, she loves it! For her birthday or Christmas, I’ve found this clock puzzle for her! I think it’ll be a huge hit!

There’s still not much success with the stroller with Eva. I can get her to sit in there for about 30 minutes tops if I bribe her with a juice box, candy, or any other treat. I’ve gotten more used to the idea of letting her wander around, especially at the mall. We usually don’t even take the stroller anymore. I figure she needs to run around anyway, she needs exercise! But I haven’t taken her to the grocery store for about two weeks now, because it’s really hard when she doesn’t want to sit in her stroller.

I’m currently going through a little bit of separation anxiety with her. On Saturday, I was at a church activity for women, and it went really late, which meant I got home after she went to bed. Guys, I cried! I think it’s because we spend so much time together and rarely are apart these days. But I also think it’s because she’s growing up and is going to be 2 next month… it’s really getting to me!

Well, that’s it for now… until next month… her birthday! YIKES!


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