I am another year older and it feels completely different. Actually, it feels completely the same. But 22 will be a big year for me, much more exciting than year 21, I’m sure. (How many days until graduation, Hannah?)

Since my birthday was on Sunday, we kind of celebrated all weekend. And because my grandmother Penny celebrated her birthday for an entire week, I did the same. It’s amazing how many things you can justify doing/eating/buying when your birthday is coming up.

So, last week we ate out probably more than we should (we had a lot of B-day coupons), then on Friday T.J. and I walked around the mall and critiqued all the logos and designs (that’s what happens when you marry a graphic design major). But, I got a new shirt and cardigan (as seen below) and then we went to bed at about 10 and slept for twelve more hours. Happy birthday to me.

On Saturday, I had one of the 4 bridal showers, went out with Dana and Carrie, and then was treated to dinner by T.J. at Tucanos. It was delicious, I’m still full!

After a quick nap after the big meal, T.J. and went to see Unknown featuring Liam Neeson. I loved it and was totally surprised by the ending. I definitely recommend it, especially if you liked the Bournes.

Another post is coming soon about the actual birthday and my magical surprise party.


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