21 Pounds

Guys, I had the stomach flu earlier this week.

Oh my gosh.

The worst. It was the absolute worst. I won’t give details for obvious reasons, but at one point I thought to myself,

I’d rather be giving birth right now.

At the end of child birth with Eva, at least I got a baby! (And a cupcake… gosh, I loved that hospital!)

That being said, I haven’t eaten much this week other than toast and crackers. So, I’ve lost five pounds since Sunday. I know I shouldn’t be too happy about that because it wasn’t like I worked out and ate really healthy to lose the weight, and it probably will come back really easily. But I have to say, it’s pretty exciting to be past the 20 pound mark this year. If I don’t gain back those five pounds, I have a real chance to meeting my New Year’s Resolution-Weight loss goal of 30 pounds.

Heck, I’ll even being thrilled with 25 pounds. And so will my skinny jeans.

Wish me luck! During the holidays, it’s just a good thing not to GAIN weight, let alone lose it! Goodness knows I can’t say no to all those delicious desserts… But hopefully I can balance it out with a lot of exercise and a lot of healthy meals.

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