21 and 22 Months

Oops! September flew by and I forgot to post for 21 Month Old Eva. So, I’ll clump these two months together because it’s pretty much the same.


These past couple months Eva has become very strong willed and even more independent. That being said, she’s growing up right before my eyes but is also at times a handful! Boy, does she make me laugh. We have a lot of fun at home since she is constantly full of surprises.

Eva loves shoes. She is always walking out of the bedroom wearing a different pair of shoes. Her sandals, my heals, TJ’s dress shoes. She loves them all.

She is very friendly. Eva makes so many people smile on the subway and is constantly saying hi to everyone around her and playing games with other kids.


Naps the past couple of weeks have been inconsistent. She sleeps in until 10 am just about everyday, so I think that’s the reason she’s having trouble taking an afternoon nap now that she’s not depending on her bottle. When we get back to Jersey, my plan is to wake her up at 9, and push back her bedtime to 8:30. We had been putting her to bed at about 9:30 because TJ doesn’t get to see her much, but I need my afternoon break for my sanity and to get a couple hours of work accomplished. Hopefully that’ll do the trick.

Eva wants to walk everywhere. She does not want to hold my hand, and she wants to go at her own pace. Whether that means we are chasing after her as she runs through the halls at church, or begging her to come on as she dilly-dallies on the sidewalk. I am seriously praying (no a joke) that this thing of hers-not wanting to sit in her stroller-is just a phase. It is making life very hard since my feet and the stroller are our means of transportation to get everywhere every day. So, really… please pray that Eva will want to sit in her stroller again because it is making life in Jersey extremely difficult.


Something funny that has happened these past couple months is that Eva loves wearing dresses so much. It’s normally not a problem, unless we need to go the park and Eva wants to wear her Easter dress or she wants to go to church in her Minnie dress. So, I have hid the dresses so that they only come out at certain times to avoid tantrums.

Since we took Eva off the bottle, she is eating a lot better but is still picky. I’ve been reading up on how to make your child a good eater, even if they have bad habits already. I’ve found lots of good tips but it sure takes a lot of work and consistency! It’s definitely a work in progress, but step one of getting her off the bottle is at least completed and it’s already making a difference.

We bought a potty for Eva a couple months back and she’s used it here and there. She went number 2 here at my parents’ which was exciting (even though I still get weirded out cheering on my daughter in that situation). But I decided I’m not ready to potty train her yet. It was a rough couple weeks getting her off the bottle, then having her cut a new molar, and then this whole stroller ordeal is driving me nuts. So, I’m giving myself a break and not worrying about doing it until after Christmas break.


Other current favorites: brushing her teeth, playing with her babies, dancing, parks, dresses, FaceTiming with both sets of grandparents, coloring, Mickey, Blue’s Clues, any type of animal, reading books, helping me cook, sweeping the floor, throwing away things, being naked, taking off her shoes, yogurt, looking at pictures of family and friends, baths, entertaining herself.

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