20 Months


Eva turned 20 months on August 8. Time is flying by and Eva will be 2 before we know it! Not much has changed since last month. But I wanted to document this month just like all the others. She is my little drama queen who’s turning into a jokester. We are always laughing around her because Eva is starting to realize she is a funny little girl.

Eva’s vocabulary grows every day. My favorite thing she says is button. Except she calls them “butts.” So, we get in an elevator and she’ll say over and over, “Butt butt butt butt!”


Likes: BABIES and Baby Dolls, play dough, reading, Mickey, going on walks, slides, pushing her stroller around, gold fish and fruit snacks, balls, trains (choo choos), cottage cheese, playing ghost, bath time, rubbing my back, sleeping in.


Dislikes: sitting on the potty… guess we’ll try again next month, going out to eat, sharing her mom, the sun visor on her stroller.


We love you Eva Kay! You are such a sweetie and will always be our darling baby girl!

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