19 Months


Another month has gone by and Eva is another month older. This month has been a fun one. We have learned a couple things about Eva this month:

  1. Her favorite word is no.
  2. Eva is a girly-girl.
  3. She will eat almost anything if we tell her it is a cookie.
  4. Eva is quite a character.
  5. Mischievous could her middle name.

Going along with number one: Eva’s vocabulary has grown so much this month (but she still says the word “no” more often than anything else). Everyday she says new words! It is so fun to hear what she has to say. I think my favorite word that she says is “baby doll.” Whenever she sees a baby (even a toddler bigger than her) she calls them a baby doll. Isn’t that adorable?

Number 2. This month Eva has also started to pick out her clothes every day. And not just one outfit. She does it about three times a day and at times, wants to wear more than one outfit at a time. Usually the outfits consist of a frilly skirt, and a pink top. As soon as the outfit goes on, so must the shoes. “Shewwwws Shewwwwwwwsssss.” Also, Eva came up to me with her hands outs saying, “Nay-eels nay-eels nay-eels.” I realized she wanted to have her nails painted. So cute.

Lastly, number 3. Eva still is a difficult eater. But if I tell her it’s a cookie, she is much more likely to try it! So, all day long she says, “Cookie!” I promise I don’t give her cookies very often!

For number 4 and 5, I just have some videos to prove it.

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