17 Weeks

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Not much has changed since my last bump update, but my belly definitely is getting bigger and starting to get harder (which I like because then I don’t feel as flabby). I’m mostly still wearing my normal clothes, but occasionally using little elastics to extend my jeans button, and definitely wearing shirts/sweaters that are looser fit to hide the bump.

I got off my nausea medicine and two days later I threw up all day. I think it was also from getting car sick, but it made me get right back on the medicine and I’m feeling back to normal finally! In the evenings I was feeling sick and realized it was probably caused by heartburn, so I’ve been taking some heartburn medicine in the evenings after dinner and I’ve had two days feeling great at night again! I’m so happy I figured that one out.

My energy is pretty much back to normal! I can explore the city, spend the day at the park, go on long walks again, and not feel like I’m going to crash right after. I still can’t stay up as late as I used to, but thats probably a good thing. Since I don’t really go to the gym much (or ever? even though it’s in my building… how pitiful!) I do make myself get out for a long walk every day. I figure if I can keep walking two-three miles everyday, I’ll continue to stay pretty healthy for this pregnancy. I did notice some sciatic pain a month ago when I first started going on walks when it got warmer, but now that I’m walking more and consistently, I haven’t gotten the sciatic pain back thankfully… that is the WORST symptom to me!  I got some new walking shoes (Sketchers… not the cutest but definitely the comfiest) because I need more support walking around, and they have really made a difference!

I still have crazy emotions. I actually cried at the end of The Amazing Race on Friday when the couple I liked got sent home. I tell TJ to be sensitive all the time, poor guy… I know I’m the crazy one, but sometimes these pregnancy emotions get the best of me.

Last week I felt the baby move (and have felt it a couple times sense then). It is such a bizarre feeling to me when they’re that small. Like an alien inside my body (I’ve seen too many x-files, can you tell?). But it is exciting to think there’s a healthy baby boy growing inside of me!

I can’t believe I’m almost halfway finished with this pregnancy! Crazy!

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  1. Jeanette
    Jeanette says:

    I love that you watch the Amazing Race! I just watched Friday’s episode last night and I was SURE they would announce it to be a non-elimination leg, since they were the only couple that actually had a chance of working. But WHATEVS!


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