15 Months


This month has flown by. Eva turned 15 months on March 8 and I’ve tried to take pictures of her a handful of times but this one above was the only one that worked out. This kid just likes to move. Today at church, all she wanted to do was run. Run and run and run some more.

Eva does really well entertaining herself with random things. We are currently in Kentucky visiting my parents and she has loved trying all their new toys and going from room to room playing with something different. My mom this morning was getting ready for church and couldn’t find her shoe because Eva was trying them on and then hid it when she was done. We were late to leave because we had to search the house (it was under the bed). She’s a mischievous one and knows when she’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing. Her latest stunt is to climb up on anything and give this big cheesy grin and when you go over to get her down she runs away. I’ve tried scolding her and putting her in time outs on my lap, but I finally found a solution that sticks. One day she tried to climb on the fire place a dozen times. (This was AFTER she had already hurt her nose on the fireplace-you’d think she’d learn!) After a handful of time outs on my lap and her running right back to the fireplace, I put her in her crib for about twenty minutes. Guys. SHE HASN’T GONE BACK TO THE FIREPLACE SINCE! Everything could change tomorrow, because she’s a crazy kid. But it’s been a couple days of success, and that counts for something, right?

This month Eva has started being a little more cuddly and learning how to relax in my lap. She has fallen asleep in my arms several times this month, and throughout the day will give me little pats on the back, rest her head on my shoulder, cling around my legs, and give me open mouth (sometimes biting) kisses. I fall in love with my Diva Eva every more every single day.

This month we have 100% transitioned to one nap a day. I was pretty sad about it, but it’s actually more convenient when we have busy days. She finally has a good routine again and sleeping well every night. We had a couple weeks in there for a while where she’d get up once or twice through the night and I was feeling like a zombie. It’s much harder to let your baby cry it out when they’re crying out “MAMAAAA” and “DADDAAAAAA.” I’m getting to be quite a softie! But T.J. helped and everyone gets to sleep regularly now, horray!

Once we get back to Utah this week, I’m going into Operation: Switch Eva off of Bottles. She is way too dependent on them, I’ve realized, and asks for it like most babies ask for a binky. Wish me luck. And send me your tips please!

Eva is still pretty quiet, but she has started to say a couple of words. My sister thought it would be hilarious to teach Eva to point and say, “Ghost!” in an effort to scare me in the future. I didn’t think Eva would catch on. But sure enough, Eva now (if prompted) will point and say, “Goooh!” Let’s hope she doesn’t randomly say it in the future when it’s the middle of the night. She calls everyone “Dada,” is always requesting a “cah-cah” (which is a cookie or a cracker-pretty much any treat) and is starting to learn her animal sounds, thanks to my mom and all of her children’s songs she sings. Eva is finally starting to respond to me, usually by saying no or shaking her head. It’s so cool to be able to start communicating to her!

I’ve said it every month, and I’m saying it again. This age is the best. She is a doll and I love my little Eva Kay with my whole heart!


Dancing, singing, running, being outside, riding in the wagon, playing with her babies, feeding her babies, hiding things, wiping everything off of her high chair tray, getting tickled, riding on my back, tickling, knocking over towers, brushing her teeth, playing in the bath tub, drinking her “baba,” looking at other kids, going to the park.


Diaper changes, leaving the park, being held when she wants to run, sitting in her little stroller (she likes the jogging one much better), wearing bows and clips (she rips them out!).

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