13 Months

For the first 12 months of Eva’s life, I wrote a post each month to celebrate her milestones, accomplishments, and mostly, her overall cuteness. I just want to be clear that, as I continue that tradition as each month passes by, I’m doing it for journaling purposes. We don’t have birthday cakes and parties for each passing month (although that sounds like fun)-I just think it’s important to keep track of all these little details because if I don’t write it down, it will simply fade away.

That being said. Eva is now 13 months! Horray… the big 13 month birthday! Ha! I was looking through old pictures this week as I was reflecting on the past year, and she has really grown since the summer! She’s like a real kid these days! Just this week she started shaking her head for “No.” She shook it the entire time at lunch today. So, that’s fun.

Eva loves ticking people. She’ll tickle me, her daddy, a passerby who’s hand is close to hers, or even her own toes in the car. She makes this cute high-pitches tickling noise while she does it. It’s my favorite thing she does right now. I was working out this morning while Eva was playing around me. She came up to me when I was in plank and she started to tickle my face. Seriously? It does not get much cuter than that. Needless to say, I didn’t hold the plank for much longer.

These past couple months, Eva has gotten in the habit of falling asleep with her bottle. It makes it really easy to put her down especially for babysitters, but I know it’s not a great thing for her to be doing and it’s made it really hard to switch her off of formula. Impossible, really. So, last night we decided we’d “sleep train” her again… this time trying to get her to fall asleep with a bottle. I was expecting her to cry for at least an hour because she is older and has some lungs! But, within fifteen minutes of whining, she fell right to sleep! Hopefully by the end of the week, she’ll be out of the habit for her naps too. Wish me luck and please send your suggestions this way if you have gone through anything similar with your kids.

I finally learned how to get Eva to eat lots of food! Let her hold the spoon and try to feed herself. She’s getting pretty good at it, she just can’t get the food on the spoon yet, so between each bite, I have to do that step for her. But finally our little Diva Eva is eating like a champ! In the mornings, I’ve been making green smoothies for Eva and me. She loves them so much that she will cry when her cup is empty. Side note: Has anyone put kale in theirs? I’ve just been using spinach because I’m worried Eva won’t like the kale flavor. Let me know!

Eva is starting to run. It’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. She basically puts her upper body forward and hopes her legs catch up with her. She runs around all day hoping we will try to chase her. Or she will run away and hide, and shout, “BUH!” (Her interpretation of BOO!)

Diva Eva still hates getting her diaper changed. We have to find random things in the house to get her to stop crying. Yesterday it was the mail key, today it was a box of mints that she could shake. Eva does not like being kissed and will push your hand away if it is in “her space.” She’ll always be our little drama queen, that’s for sure.

Eva’s Uncle Sam who’s a dentist would be proud because she brushes her teeth now. We bought her a little baby Pooh brush.

When we’re around new people and she’s standing by our feet, she will hug our legs and hide. I hope that she won’t be shy as she’s older (and I doubt she will be), but right now it is adorable.

Well, that’s about all the new things that have happened this month. I’m sorry that I’m gushing over her today so much in this post. She just has been such a great baby recently and I am so grateful to have her in my life.


Hugging her bears, strawberry milk, smoothies, goldfish, cottage cheese, her new car-seat that faces forward, when Daddy comes home, waving bye and saying “HI HI HI!” to anyone and everyone, dancing, being tickled and tickling, reading her Peek-a-boo book and Five Little Monkies book (I’ve read that one 6 times already today), baths, trying to stand in the bath, making fish faces, throwing food off of her tray, stomping.


Sharing, regular cow milk, being held, diaper changes, getting her hair done.


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  1. Stephanie Mitchell
    Stephanie Mitchell says:

    Avery had a hard time switching to cow’s milk, too. I used milk as the base to making her formula (instead of water) and everyday decreased the amount of formula powder I put in until it was just straight milk. Good luck!!


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