Never have I been so excited about a number. Here’s the reason why:

I have now lost 12 pounds since the beginning of May.

My goal has been five pounds a month. Hopefully I’ll be able to lose three more before the month is over, but I’m guessing it’s going to get tougher and tougher with each pound now.

Sometimes it gets really hard. For example, last night I didn’t have any time for dinner so I decided to pick up some dinner while I was out. I decided to get a salad at Zupa’s (which is already hard for me). Then, I decided to get the “Nuts about Berries” salad. Without the nuts. Without the poppyseed dressing and with fat-free dressing instead. Turns out that salad is not great without those two things.

But then it’s all worth it when I can fit into shorts that didn’t fit me in May. My closet suddenly has so many more clothes in it because I finally feel comfortable wearing them!

Don’t get me wrong though. This week I have cheated. But I figure you have to enjoy life a little bit, right? But instead of eating doubles of dessert, or loading my frozen yogurt with brownie bites, I (try to) limit my portions and top the froyo with berries.

I have one problem though. Maybe you can help me because every night it happens. I’ll eat really well through the day but then by the end of the day, I get so hungry or think I deserve a treat then I’ll eat too many snacks. (Hannah don’t tell anyone how many M&Ms we have had this week!) Do you guys have any tricks for food cravings at night? Please help!

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  1. Lindsey August
    Lindsey August says:

    I saw on Doctor Oz that having about a Tablespoon of Peanut Butter or 5-7 grams of fat satisfies cravings by giving you the “full” feeling after about 20 minutes.

    Way to go Katie! You’re doing so awesome!


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