10 Months

In two months, my baby girl will be one year old. I can’t even wrap my head around that! But I have to admit, as much as I’m sad about my Evabug growing up, she is becoming to be one of my best friends and I love seeing her grow and develop every day! It is so exciting to see her learn new things and discover the world around her. Eva is already an example to me at such a young age. She loves and appreciates life around her and is always so happy!

But boy, she is a dramatic little girl! One day when I was in Kentucky a couple weeks ago, she decided she hated baths. As soon as you put her in, she started crying and trying to get out. It was like she had had a terrifying experience in the bath and was scared! She finally will sit in the bath again for a couple of minutes, but it’s not like before where she was splashing constantly and playing with all her bath toys.

This month has also been a struggle to get her to eat food. One week she loved bananas. Then the next, she wouldn’t even let them in her mouth! Another week she’d do really well eating her baby food, and then a couple days later she’d throw a fit if you got her near the high chair. Bizarre, right? Things are finally coming back to normal again and, if we distract her enough, she’ll finish about half of a jar of baby food and a couple other bites of fruit or snacks. But as soon as she hears the bottle being mixed, she gets very excited and starts waving her hands.

Recently, Eva has been standing on her own without holding onto anything. She can stand there for quite some time and balance. She’ll stand in front of a mirror and just play there, staring at herself, and figure out who the girl is looking right back at her.

I got her a little push toy that she loves more than anything. Other than her pirate sword, I don’t think she’s played with a toy so much.

Eva loves animals. There is a stray cat around our neighborhood that we see quite often. She freaks out when she see him. I’m sure she’d love to pet him, but it’s a stray so who knows where it’s been.

Finally, Eva will sit in your lap to read a couple of books. You have to go fast, and turn the pages often. But I’m so excited she has started to enjoy listening to stories.


Pumpkin bread, being thrown in the air, sipping out of her sippy cup, doing things on her own, peek-a-boo, playing the piano, playing outside, animals, pushing her little toy, exploring, putting anything into her mouth, music, dancing (nodding her head and bending her knees), watching herself on YouTube, her reflection, necklaces, holding her own spoon, tearing pages in books, swinging, being startled, when Daddy comes home.


Sleeping on airplanes, baths, getting her diaper changed, sitting still, getting her toenails clipped, laying back in her stroller, getting her face wiped, wearing mittens, being rocked before bed.

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