Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt

We had a neighborhood playgroup Easter Egg hunt one morning before Easter and it was a hit! We did some Easter crafts first, then hunter for the eggs, and of course enjoyed the spoils of our hunt (as seen below with devouring all the chocolate from his eggs). We love this neighborhood so much!

Farm Country

I’m pretty sure I have ten farm posts on here because we go so often, but I can’t NOT document these photos or this trip. First off, there were tons of baby animals, which I loved. And second, look how sweet Eva is here petting those baby goats! Melt my heart. Third, Finn was so scared that night. The animals, we’ve noticed, are so much noisier in the evenings. And Finn, although he talks a lot of talk about animals, apparently when they make noises, he is actually not the fan he pretends to be. He was a nervous wreck the whole night, excluding when looking at the (quiet) bunnies. Isn’t that toothy grin so adorable? I thought he looked so much like a Swainhart baby here! And yes, he wore Eva’s puppy purse around the whole night. We love that farm so much!

97th Percentile

Finn had his 18 month check up a month or so ago and we learned is in the 97th percentile. I literally asked what happens if his weight goes about the 100th percentile and we had a good laugh. But his height (I think it’s the 60%) has increased as well, so the doctor said he’s just a big boy and it’s fine!Oh, and the funny thing is, Finn had been sick a week before this and I felt like he was losing his chub a little bit. Then when we found out he weighs over 30 pounds, I realized it’s all relative hah! The bigger, the better, I think! Love this hunk!

Grandma & Grandpa’s Easter Party

Since we were married, TJ’s parents have had a little Easter party with his siblings and then the grandkids. Here’s our first one with the grandkids:

The kids first decorated picture frames with their Christ photo and then did an Easter egg hunt. Finn clearly was thrilled to be a part of the group photo. He did decorate his frame though and put a sticker heart right on Jesus’ chest. So, that was pretty cute. Here’s a video of our day!

Easter Day

We had a really nice Easter at church and then had our neighbors over for dinner. We took some photos before church, just like last year so I did a little side-by-side comparison of how Finn has changed in one year. Kind of crazy! Finn did not want to take photos with me, apparently. So, you’ll see that in the mix. And then you’ll see my table for Easter. Nothing fancy, but the napkins and napkin holders were my Grandmother’s, my sister just gave them to me. It was really special to use them. She loved throwing events/parties/dinners and I like to think I got that from her. Hope you all had a great Easter!