State Capitol

A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law had a presentation here in Utah so she and my brother came to down for the weekend. We got to spend a few hours with them up in SLC and explored the Capitol a bit. It was the first time for any of us going inside and we were all blown away with how beautiful it was.

Fun fact (sarcasm): Finn had a diaper blowout, I didn’t have diapers or wipes with me because I had thought we were just going on a short nature walk and I had just changed him (blowouts don’t happen anymore with this kid, so it was a surprise). It was one of the worst ones ever and was straight out of some movie where I was in the bathroom with him, trying to make the situation a little better, but the diaper had to be thrown away, leaving him diaper-less and sitting on my back in my ergo for another half hour. By some sort of miracle (and a lot of paper towels that I shoved down the front of his pants), he didn’t have any accidents and I was able to get a diaper on him without any leakage on my back. Oh man… of course it happened THAT day!

Provo Date Nights

Since TJ works down in Provo right by the Riverwoods, we tend to have dinner there often and make a family date night out of it. One of my goals for the year is to plan a date with TJ each week and most of the time we get a babysitter and go out but sometimes that doesn’t work out so we make it a date night with the kids. I don’t mind doubling with those goofs too much.

One of the nights at Riverwoods was the ice sculpture festival. It was pretty neat and just a fun night to get out with the family. Another night we tried out the Rockwell ice cream shop, which deserves the hype because it was soooo good!

My Dad Visits!

Right after I visited Kentucky, my dad had a convention in SLC and Vegas in January so he flew back with us. I’ve never had another adult fly with me and the two kids, so it was really nice having the extra hands. The second flight was from Atlanta to SLC and was soooo long. Finn was pretty much a terror, but I don’t think he was feeling too great and being stuck on a five hour flight was not his ideal situation. My dad has respiratory issues, so he wore a mask quite a lot. I couldn’t help but to laugh a little bit… Eva was so embarrassed!

My dad stayed for about a week and I was able to help him some up at the show. It was a neat experience to get to go to the outdoor retailer show! We miss you, Dad (and mom), come back soon!

A Visit from my Parents

My parents got to visit for a long weekend in October since it was my mom’s Fall break. My brother also got to come for part of their trip, it was nice to have them all in town!

On Friday morning, while Eva was in school and my dad got some work done, my mom, Finn and I hiked the Battle Creek Falls trail. It was such a beautiful hike that morning and fun to show her a new place she hadn’t been to before. When Eva was done with school, we went to the farm and then headed up to Temple Square/City Creek for the evening. We got to watch one of the new Mormon Messages clips and it was so great. I wish we could have seen more! Make sure you check those new clips out at the visitor’s center.

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Saturday, my mom and I went to a High class early that morning and then we all went to Cornbelly’s for a few hours. It was such a nice day, it even got a little too hot for the kids! After having lunch, we went on a drive and little walk up at Cascade Springs, which none of them had been to. It was a bit crowded, but the leaves on the drive made up for it! That evening, my parents graciously babysat the kids while TJ, Sam, and I went to Vivint’s work party where One Republic sang. I didn’t know much about them but it turns out I actually know a bunch of their songs. It was an awesome concert and so much fun to have my brother with us!

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My brother left Sunday morning, we went to church, then just took it easy around the house. It was really cold and windy that day, unfortunately. But we did take my parents to TJ’s office in Lehi, just to get out for a bit.

img_0036-2 img_0039


Let’s see… Monday we went shopping at the outlets, walked around Cabela’s, and ate at Tsunami for dinner. It was delicious, but now I know why Asians are all so skinny. After eating all the sushi, I felt like I could eat a whole other meal! Ha! We finished the night off getting gelato at Harmon’s.


On Tuesday, my parents headed home and I pretty much cried nonstop for the next three days 🙁 ! It was just so nice to have them visit! I miss them so much already. Just move out here, already!


Family Photos: The Derrick Side

I’m hoping this post will encourage my dad to finally get us the family photos we took on the Swainhart side 😉 ! But back in May, we had family photos with TJ’s family. Mostly, we just wanted to get one big group photo since we didn’t have one with Finn. My sister-in-law Lacey did the photos, and as usual, killed it. Guys. Hire her for your family photos. She’s so great!

Here are just a couple of my favorites:

IMG_0159 IMG_0235copy IMG_0466 IMG_0475copy IMG_0505 IMG_0777copy
IMG_0941IMG_0674IMG_0931IMG_0903IMG_0953 IMG_0973-2IMG_0993copy IMG_1014