Bloom Where You’re Planted

As I mentioned last month, I’m on the Relief Society activities committee at church. If you’re not Mormon, then basically what it means is I help plan the activities for the women at church. This month was the anniversary of when the Relief Society was created, 175 years ago. We got to thinking as a committee about the theme “Bloom Where You’re Planted” and what the early Saints of the church went through. They sacrificed so much and had such great difficulties yet took what they were given and made the best of it. So, we wanted to use that idea for a Spring inspirational activity.

We had a Cafe Rio style salad bar along with a soda bar and beautiful cupcakes made by someone in our ward. It really turned out nicely, although I did learn a lot about planning a big dinner for a large group! We had an inspirational speaker who has been given five years to live by her doctors because of the type of cancer she has. She has “bloomed where she was planted” and is making the most out of her time and showed us why each day is a gift from God.

Thanks to all who came and helped!

Going to see the “ish”

Finn loves watching the moving Finding Dory (so does Eva, but Finn zones out when it’s on). He typically doesn’t care about the TV, but if the “ish” are on, he has to watch. So, when TJ went out of town at the end of February, I took them to the aquarium with TJ’s parents. It was such a great morning! I forgot how nice that aquarium is. I almost bought a pass, and still am debating if we should have or not. It really was a fun time!

Wrapping Up Winter

Here are some more random photos from January and February that didn’t really fit in their own posts:

Another mall play place! Later this year the mall in Sandy will have a new play area… can’t wait!

They did this all on their own and it was the cutest thing ever.

I let him hold this pig at IKEA and he just kept cuddling it and saying, “Awwwwwww.”

She put on my glasses, made this pose and said, “I’m just relaxing.”

Finny babe is my date to the library while Eva is at dance. I think it’s his favorite place.

“Mom, don’t I look cute looking out the window and thinking?”

Cabella’s is our favorite spot to just get out for an hour before dinner. Finn loves looking at the “ish.”

I make them do laps.

Lunch dates each Thursday with Daddy.

A Pinterest Party

I have a pretty fun calling right now at church. I’m on the Relief Society (the organization for the women) activities committee. We threw a little party last month where people brought treats from Pinterest ideas and made two different (very easy) crafts. We had a pretty good turnout and I think the gym looked nice so I decided to share!

Saturday at the Office

One weekend at the end of February, TJ had a last minute urgent project for work that pretty much took him all weekend. On Saturday night, we got takeout from Chili’s and brought him dinner. It was pretty much the best idea I’ve ever had and should do it more often because the kids were able to run around, we didn’t have to wait in a long line at Chili’s, and I was able to get out of the house with the kids (I was going crazy!). Sidenote: TJ’s project turned out great! I’m so proud of him!


In December, I started getting a hankering to puzzle. I’ve never puzzled, or had the urge to puzzle. I mean, I’ve done little kid ones, but nothing hard. I think I saw a friend post one online and it just looked fun. So I found one on clearance after Christmas and went to work on it in January. I listened to Serial and a few other podcasts while doing it and a second puzzle, it was so much fun. I’ve got a new one I’m in the middle of but had to take it a part a bit to get it out of my kitchen. But now that I’m writing about it, I think I’m gonna get back to it tonight! It just is fun to have a new hobby and something to do other than watch TV at the end of the night!

Oh, and PS-I glued the top one together and hung it up in my basement!

A Weekend with the Kids

In January, TJ went out of town for a weekend to go pick up a car in Arizona. We kept busy but kept it simple since it was cold and I was in the middle of a puzzle (haha!). The kids were so cute! One evening I took them over to Harmon’s (just the nice grocery store) and we actually ate dinner there because they have a really nice upstairs area with tables and chairs and live music that night. Plus they got to ride in the car cart, so… as Michael Scott says, “Win, Win, Win.”


The other night I was puzzling, my new-found hobby, and I realized I hadn’t blogged for a really long time! I still haven’t written about my trip to Kentucky, my dad visiting, anything about January, or even a reflection on 2016! So much journaling to do. I will start working on those posts soon! Just know we are doing well and that the break of posts has just been because we’ve been staying busy! Winter is surprisingly speeding by, we’ve had tons of snow and LOVE it, I’m in the middle of doing 21 day fix extreme again, we got a second car (!), and we are spending lots of time at home as a little family trying to be creative with our time!


We have really had such great couple of weeks. They’ve been simple, but filled with fun and our little family. Here is everything else we’ve been up to!

Eva had her dance recital. Look at that cutie!

We had neighbors over and made homemade Christmas pizzas!

We drove around several nights to different neighborhoods to find the best lights!

Lots of trips to the library, Finn’s favorite place. He loves returning our books (and trying to return all the other books at the library) into the dropbox.

One day it was in the high 40s, so we visited the farm again. That place never gets old!

Christmas shopping at the outlets with these cuties!

Church with this boy is a CIRCUS!

Eva’s Christmas Program

Eva had a Christmas party and presentation at school on Monday. Then they decorated cookies, made reindeer food packets, and got to visit with Santa! We love Eva’s school and teacher, it’s been such a great year so far!

On Wednesday, they had a PJ and movie day, look at my little elf!