Saturday at the Office

One weekend at the end of February, TJ had a last minute urgent project for work that pretty much took him all weekend. On Saturday night, we got takeout from Chili’s and brought him dinner. It was pretty much the best idea I’ve ever had and should do it more often because the kids were able to run around, we didn’t have to wait in a long line at Chili’s, and I was able to get out of the house with the kids (I was going crazy!). Sidenote: TJ’s project turned out great! I’m so proud of him!


TJ’s New Job

TJ has been working at his new job now for three months and really has enjoyed it. It’s been a great company to work for with so many great benefits and perks. Plus, we both love that the commute time is just a short five minute walk since we only have car. Last week his team went on a trip to San Francisco and then to Portland. It looks like they had a good time. I was pretty jealous that he got to go on this trip but I have traveled a lot without him, so I guess it was okay . Don’t you love this photobombing couple behind TJ? Makes me laugh so much!

IMG_0658 IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0663

Here are some other work-related photos:

His team has done a couple hikes this summer, including Mt. Timp which is where this photo was taken.


They have a cafeteria at his office with really good food, so we have come to eat with TJ a couple times this summer.



What up 212?

We are moving! T.J. accepted a job offer in Manhattan for Johnson & Johnson (the company he interned with last summer). We are very excited and grateful for this opportunity, but we are a little nervous for the huge move and very sad to leave our friends and family here in Utah. It is exciting to see things fall into place, though, since we’ve made the decision. We still have some loose ends but we know things will work out.

See you in two weeks from today, New York!


PS: If you’re looking to buy a car, LET US KNOW! We are hoping to sell our car before we leave because it doesn’t make much sense to have a car out there.



Swainhart Productions

While I was in Kentucky, I helped my dad with two projects. One was something he has been working on for months, even when I was there this summer. It is a video campaign for Miami Valley Christian Academy. The second project was a wedding. And holy cow, I have never seen such an elaborate wedding in my life! It was so fun to help my dad capture all the little details that I’m sure they spent thousands on. Here are a couple photos from the two events.


It’s a Party in the L-A-O

A couple weeks ago, my old coworkers from the LAO (and besties) threw me a Last-Hurrah/Girl’s-Night/Baby-Shower. We munched on a LOT of delicious desserts, laughed about all of the funny times we had at the library, and, of course, got our Just Dance 3 on.

To end the night, they gave me a bunch of adorable books (so appropriate since we all worked at the library together) and Jeanette also surprised me with Toms for the baby that she’ll be able to wear next year. Seriously, high top pink Toms? My baby is going to be better dressed than me!

Anyway, thanks guys! It was a wonderful night and made me miss working at the LAO!