T.J. and I are planning on going to Disneyland for Thanksgiving.  We just went for our Honeymoon and had an amazing time, but we hear that during the Holidays–the place is incredible.

Saving money is actually not as hard when you have a goal or incentive to work towards.  So although it stinks not to be able to buy the shoes I want right now or to eat out throughout the week, it is easier to make the sacrifice when I know Disneyland is in sight if we save!

Sneak Peak!

Karen Huntsman, T.J.’s wonderful and gracious and talented boss, took our photos on the day of the wedding, as well as our Bridals.

She just sent us a URL for the first set of photos.  They are beautiful!  I was worried they wouldn’t be perfect because it was such a cold and windy day, but they turned out wonderfully!

Here is a slideshow of a few of my favorites.


If you would like to see the rest of this first batch, click here.

Anyway, thanks so much, Karen!  I can’t wait to see the rest!

I’m a Utahan?

Last week I changed my last name and once I get my new social security card, I’ll be getting my new drivers license.  A Utah drivers license.

I will miss my Kentucky license.  It always sparked conversation and it made me unique. And although my home is now in Utah and my license will say I’m a Utahan, I will always be a Kentuckian at heart (always remember that, mom).

Anyway, now that I’m going to be a Utahan, it’s time to start acting like one.

So first thing on the list as a Utahan was to go camping.  Last weekend I went camping with T.J. and his sister Lacey and her husband Josh out on the other side of Utah Lake. Just a bunch of Utahans camping in the dessert, with a big truck, lots of supplies, a firepit, and guns.

Next thing on the list is to hike Mt. Timp.  Anyone want to join?

First time shooting a gun.

We scooped out the insides of oranges, put cake batter inside, wrapped them up in foil, and baked them over a fire. Delish!

Camping when you're married is awesome!



Eclipse. Was. EPIC.

I hear the second time you see it, at a normal hour and when you aren’t loaded up on sugar and caffeine to stay awake, it just doesn’t have as much power, but I refuse to believe it.

The EPIC night started off by eating at El Gillo Giro, my new favorite mexican restaurant (a post about that is soon to follow), filling our stomachs with delicious burritos, enchiladas and free chips and salsa.

When we arrived at the movie theater, it was 8:00 pm.  We thought we probably had some time to walk around the mall for a while after we picked up our tickets, but turns out the Provo Towne Center was the place to be to watch the movie.  People already were camped out with their blankets, laptops, cutouts, t-shirts, memorabilia, pizzas, ice cream, dinners, and my favorite, lawn chairs (brought by two women over sixty years old).

So we found our place in line, set up camp, and waited around.  For 4 hours.  We watched a lot of YouTube videos, ate a lot of candy, took a bunch of videos and pictures, and watched the second Twilight movie.

Finally midnight rolled around and we were let into our theater, and the movie was starting in 20 minutes.  We rannnnnnnnn to the theater, knocked down children, fought for seats, stole some popcorn (more or less of all that is true), and got perfect seats for the film.

Needless to say, I cried several times in the movie, including the proposal scene.  I loved the part when they were in the tent, for several reasons 🙂 anddddd I loved that Edward actually acted in the movie, instead of staring at the camera, all white and gangly.

Anyway, the event was a success.  Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Upcoming Road Trip

Can’t wait for the road trip with T.J., Josh, and Lacey to Albuquerque this weekend for Dustin’s wedding!  T.J. keeps calling it “The Armpit of America.”  All I know is that it’s far away from Provo, so it’s gonna be awesome.

The Phoenix

My parents held a reception for T.J. and I in Cincinnati.  It was at The Phoenix, downtown, on June 4th.  The reception was absolutely beautiful, yet simple.  It was a great way to share the excitement and celebrate with my close friends and family.

Leila James Photography

If you would like to see more photos of the reception, click on the image or visit my Flickr gallery.


So we left D.J. Zoomba at the dealership and… wait for it…

We bought a new car!!!

It’s a Hyundai Elantra.  It’s dark purple, but T.J. thinks that a purple car is too feminine so we have to call the color eggplant (I think calling it the name of a vegetable is even more femmy).

Anyway, we’re really excited to have a car that doesn’t break down at lights, leak oil all over the driveway, and tells us how fast we are going.


External Hard Drive-Part 2

So if you recall, last week I wrote about how I lost my external hard drive.  I’m finally over it and my dad was sending me a new one with all of my family photos and videos from the wedding.

It came today.

When I arrived at home, there was a Post Office basket on my front step with a sign saying something like, “Package Destroyed.”

Turns out my package went for a long and thorough dip in the ocean or the mail man must have thought it was funny to put it in the sewer before he delivered it.  I don’t know what happened, but that sign that said “Package Destroyed,” apparently meant that something awful occurred in the journey from Kentucky to Utah that made it incredibly wet and we aren’t going to apologize or take any blame.

So, covering my USPS standard rate package, was a white garbage bag.  Inside the bag I found my package and it was clearly soaked.  I didn’t even have to get a knife to open it up.  It was so soggy it just fell open.

There I am sitting in the entry way, getting ready to cry, preparing for another destroyed hard-drive, preparing another speech for my Dad.  I then pulled a nasty wet t-shirt that my parents sent me.  Awesome.

Next was my hard drive package.  The outer coating was soggy.  Bad news bears.  I knew my dad had already opened up my hard drive so he could put files on it.  So question was, did he wrap the hard drive back up carefully?  Or am I going to be in a depression for another week?

Thanks to my brainy Father, he wrapped up the external hard drive perfectly.  Not a drop of water to be found.

And thus ends the story of the external hard drive.  Part 2.

Good Grief!

A few weeks ago I lost my external hard drive en route from SDF to SLC.  It put me in a depression for a couple of days.  Let me list just some of the things that were on the 100 GBs:

1.  All of my photos from 7th grade-junior year of college

2. All of my school work since Freshman year of high school

3. All of my tv shows, homemade music videos, and movies

4. Half of my music that is not on my computer iTunes

5. My entire advertising portfolio.

All of this, lost.

After grieving, I decided I shouldn’t mope around anymore because there’s nothing else I could do.  And although crying made me feel better, it was getting on T.J.’s nerves.  So I am coming to peace with my loss and trying to gather as much stuff as possible from old emails, old files and documents, and printed photos.

Turns out, I found a lot of my ads that I had made, so all is not lost!  And to celebrate, I am going to share a few of my ads that I created in my Communications 330 design class.