A Boy and His Hats


Finn turned 2!

I can’t believe Finn turned two. These two years have flown by in some ways, and really have been so delightful. He is such a ham, tender-hearted, kind of a scaredy-pants, loves to make us laugh, a sleeping champ, has an awesome Dino rawr, and loves his “BEE-va” almost more than he loves his “mom” and “daddy.”

We threw him a little party at the park with his cousins and neighbors. The evening had great weather and the kids just played their hearts out on the playground.

When I said, “Happy Birthday, Finn,” to him that morning, he replied, “No! Happy Birthday, DINOSAUR!” He also wore his dinosaur hat all day long. But don’t let that fool you, he may act tough, but when I took him to the farm for his birthday that afternoon, every animal scared him, even the chickens and baby goats.

Finn is now down to 95th percentile for his height and weight, coming down from 97th last year. We did cold turkey no bottles (or binky) right after his birthday, so he will probably be thinning out a lot this year! I love my lil chunky hunk!

Bath Time with Finn

This kid loves taking baths and one night he was being extra cute in the tub.

97th Percentile

Finn had his 18 month check up a month or so ago and we learned is in the 97th percentile. I literally asked what happens if his weight goes about the 100th percentile and we had a good laugh. But his height (I think it’s the 60%) has increased as well, so the doctor said he’s just a big boy and it’s fine!Oh, and the funny thing is, Finn had been sick a week before this and I felt like he was losing his chub a little bit. Then when we found out he weighs over 30 pounds, I realized it’s all relative hah! The bigger, the better, I think! Love this hunk!

Another Haircut

Finny got another haircut and it looked so cute! His hair just grows straight out, so the trick is to keep it short, I’ve finally realized. The bottom (before) picture makes me laugh so hard!

Our Little Pumpkin is One!

Finn turned one on September 18th! I’m still a little behind on his monthly posts, so that will come another day. We had a little pumpkin theme and celebrated with cake with family and some close friends. Finn got some cute clothes, trucks, a spin and sit toy, and a bunch of new books! It’s been so nice to have some new boy toys around here! It’s been adorable to see him figure out the new toys and even make sounds for his trucks and airplane.

Well, I couldn’t chose just one picture of Finn eating birthday cake because they were all so cute, so here are like a dozen photos of Finn doing the same thing from different angles. Haha!

img_0037-2 img_0031 img_0023-2 img_0019-4 img_0018-5 img_0016-7 img_0013-7 img_0011-8 img_0008-8 img_0006-7 img_0003-7 img_0001-8

Finny Babe: 10 Months

At ten months, Finn changed his look from a baby to a big boy. I think part of it was his hair. His hair lightened up a lot from being outside so much and just grew like crazy. He has had two haircuts in the past three months and already needs another.

Finn started pushing his walker toy around like crazy at the end of July and walk walking around the furniture, then he took a couple steps here and there, but didn’t officially start walking until about a week before he turned 11 months.

He started slowing down in eating around ten months. Suddenly he was a little pickier about what I was feeding him, which was so strange. But on the upside, he got really good at ten months at using finger foods.

Not much else happened, but he still was the sweetest and most easygoing baby ever! He smiles at EVERYONE. Says Dada all the time and occasionally will say mama. Time is flying by!

img_0021 img_0010-5 img_0011-6 img_0013-5 img_0014-5 img_0015-5 img_0016-5 img_0017-5 img_0018-3 img_0020-2

img_0009-6 img_0001-6 img_0002-3 img_0003-5 img_0004-5 img_0005-6 img_0006-6 img_0007-7 img_0008-6

Finny Babe: 9 Months

I’m so behind on Finn’s monthly posts but I have hundreds of photos and don’t want to forget these precious moments, so I’m going to try my hardest to remember how he was back in June.

Finn started crawling in June, about half way through the month. It was pretty crazy how he just started crawling and then just didn’t stop! Suddenly my little sweet infant was so curious and wanted to get into everything and anything. The pool opened in June so we also took him swimming quite a bit. He loves the water but it tires him out, he would even fall asleep on me on some days (something that Eva never used to do).

Another first for Finn in June was that he got a haircut! It was getting quite long, so I couldn’t wait any longer. It made him look like such a big boy!

Some other memories/favorites: being carried in the Ergo carrier, everything his sister does, splashing in the water, eating all food, standing up and moving along the furniture, smiling at everyone, seeing dad when he gets home from work, saying DADADA, saying “aaah duh” when he’s all done with something.

I’ve got a bunch of videos of Finn but that will have to come on another day. Finn is honestly one of the sweetest and happiest babies I’ve ever seen. 95% of the time he has a smile on his face and is just SO easygoing. I’m grateful for my happy baby to remind me of all the goodness and light in the world.

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Finny Babe: 8 Months


Finn is 8 months! Crazy. I can’t believe that just in a few short months, he will be one. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I love this age, just like last month. When babies are sitting up but not quite mobile, it’s the best. They’re in their prime-time chubbiness and cuteness. Their personalities show through and almost everyday they’re doing new tricks.

New tricks this month consisted of crawling! Well, it’s a half crawl/half scoot/sometimes roll. But he definitely is getting it! It’s slow but steady and I’m sure we’ll have a full fledged crawler next month. I’m not too eager because that means baby proofing will have to occur at home (he’s already pulling stuff out) but it really is exciting to see him learn!

He also got two teeth this month! He really wasn’t too fussy for them, nor did it disrupt his sleep, thank goodness! All of a sudden I just noticed something pokey in his mouth, then a couple days later, there were two little teethies! He’s got two more coming, the gums are swollen but I don’t feel anything quite yet.

Finn has stopped nursing as of this morning. It’s kind of bittersweet. I’m very sad it’s over but so grateful for the great experience I had with it this time around. I really tried harder this time, plus he was just so good at it compared to Eva. I wanted to go to a year or more but I was losing milk on the right side, pumping like crazy to try and keep up, but once the teething happened, I couldn’t keep up with demand and felt that pumping wasn’t worth my time anymore. So, it’s sad. But I’m trying not to get too emotional about it. Thankfully he eats so much solid food, he’s not drinking as many bottles Eva was at his age and soon enough we will get to switch over to whole milk and save money on all that formula!

Finn wakes up around 6:30 or 7 for a bottle, goes back to sleep afterwards until about 8:30 or 9. Then wakes up for a big breakfast (I’m talking an egg, oatmeal, and a link of sausage), then goes down for his first nap around 11. Depending on our day, he’ll take two or three naps. The first two usually are about two hours and the third is a catnap, but perfect because it’s usually when I make dinner. He goes down around 7 or 7:30 and doesn’t wake up until the morning. It feels so good to have a schedule now, I can totally tell a difference in my life because I’m not nearly as anxious and feeling so much better than just a couple months ago.

This little boy is the sweetest. He smiles at everyone and anyone. Finn has mastered the syllable “DADA”… which as you can imagine, TJ loves and I’m over it! Ha! He loves to laugh, play with new toys, cuddle against my chest before he goes down for a nap (which is amazing… Eva never did that!), be tickled, watch his sister (his ultimate favorite person), gets excited when his daddy comes home each day (so adorable!), swing on swings, splash in his bath, and be sung too. He hates changing clothes, waiting for his next bite of food, and getting back into his car seat if he was just in it (he does the arched back, it’s awful!). He’s such a content, happy boy, that is, if he’s been fed. Everyone comments about his chubbiness and little (well, big) legs. He’s in 18 month clothes somehow!

Finny Babe, you are so loved.

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Finny Babe: 6-7 Months

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.39.44 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.39.51 PM

Finn turned seven months on April 18th… these past couple months have flown by. I felt the same way with Eva, but around six months is my favorite baby age! They are sitting up, but not crawling yet (at least not my babies), sleeping better, super chubby, and absolutely adorable. Any minute now Finn is going to start crawling and life is going to get so much harder. But I do have to say, it’s pretty exciting to see him try harder and harder each day to scoot around. He scoots backwards, rolls all over the place and just today started inching forward a bit. He mostly just doest planks, but every now and then, he scoots up a bit. Oh and now that he’s moving, Eva thinks it’s acceptable to try and ride him like a pony. Sorry, kid. He puts up with a lot. I always try and tell her not to do things or not to be so rough but then I find him smiling SO big and laughing at it. He really loves Eva so much.

Finn also is a daddy’s boy! I mean, he’s definitely a mama’s boy too, but when his dad comes home, he wants to be held by him and will go to him over me. It’s making TJ’s day recently!

Last time I posted I said we had started sleep training, well the doctor said I could take out his night feedings so I first started with the 11 pm one (only took one night of crying!) and then miraculously he started sleeping until at least 6 am each morning! If he wakes up before 8 am, I nurse him then put him back down for a couple of hours. Since sleep training him, he also sleeps in his crib for his naps, and they’re long naps! I never thought I’d see the day back when he was a newborn. You know, in the moment, those times seem so horrible and never-ending and somehow he is now 7 months and sleeping like a champ! When my kids sleep, I’m a happy camper!

Finn eats anything and everything! We started off with table foods, then switched to baby foods for a bit for the convenience factor but he was eating like five of those a day (what the heck?? Eva at five a week at that age!) so we have now put him back on table food. I just pull out my food processor and chop up whatever we’re eating. He ate tilapia this week… I can’t get over how different he is from Eva when it comes to food. So nuts. She always has been such a picky and small eater, and he’s the complete opposite.

Hmm… what else… he loves playing with toys, will throw a fit if Eva takes something away from him that he wants, LOVES baths and the pool, likes being sung to, and still enjoys being worn in my ergo and moby. He loves the attention of strangers and can turn tears into a smile instantly, same goes the other way. No teeth yet, sitting up great on his own, and still nursing although he begs me for bottles. He’s about 20 pounds now, is as chubby as ever, and most of all, has the key to my heart!

Love you, little Finnegan!

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