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Ten Things

  1. I was watching Home Alone 2 and eating some apples on Sunday when T.J. said to me, “How is it having a built in table?” I didn’t know what he meant at first, but then realized he was referring to me resting the bowl of apples on my belly. My table. Yes, I have now succumbed to using my belly as a table and the saddest thing about it is, I don’t even know when it started.
  2. I got a $10 gift card to Kohl’s in the mail, just a promotional thing. I almost threw it away but realized there were no tricks and it worked on sale items. So, I bought a maternity blouse that was $30, on sale today for $16, and with my card, it was only six bucks! SIX!
  3. I woke up with a sore throat yesterday. Horrible. If you only knew how many hot chocolates, herbal teas, soups, and smoothies I have had since then, you’d be amazed. I’m amazed. But it looks like it paid off because the sore throat is just about gone.
  4. T.J. skipped his first class this morning because he’s been up so late doing homework recently. It was so wonderful. Usually I go to bed without him and wake up without him/right when he’s about to leave. I wish he could skip class everyday.
  5. As you might have seen on my facebook, I’ve had a couple incidents with people commenting on my large belly. Yes, it’s big, and guess what… it is only getting bigger. So, here are a little ground rules that strangers should follow.
    • Just don’t say anything. You don’t even need to ask my due date or say congratulations.
    • If you insist on saying something, think it out first and stick with simple things such as congrats or when’s your due date. When I reply, you can just smile.
    • If you must say something after I tell you my due date, just say something such as congrats, great, oh boy.
    • That’s it. Nothing more to it.
    • Oh and strangers, please do not rub my belly or else I might rub yours back and that would just be awkward, don’t you think?
  6. I drove through the canyon with a friend on Saturday and it was absolutely gorgeous. If you haven’t gone on a fall drive yet, you need to do it soon because the leaves won’t stay like that for long!
  7. I’m going home next month!
  8. I am in love love love with the name Elizabeth for our baby. I can’t get past it, but unfortunately T.J. thinks it’s too formal, too long, and isn’t into it. I like the formality of it, plus it’s a classic name and sounds like it belongs to a beautiful girl. How do I convince T.J.???
  9. Why don’t they sell maternity skinny jeans at regular stores?
  10. Was I the only one mildly disappointed about the Modern Family episodes last week? They weren’t premiere material, I don’t think. But The Office was great… surprisingly great, along with Parks and Rec.

Can I be on both teams?

On Monday, I noticed a few girls from my ward talking about having a party to watch The Bachelorette finale. I hadn’t seen any of the episodes, but I knew I wanted to be in attendance because of the guest list. Plus, I am in some need of girl friends.

Yeah. It’s kind of a depressing topic. I have lots of friends, I do. But it’s really hard to find/keep close girl friends that you could just call up and go shopping with or just hang out with on a Monday night. I think it’s because once you get married, your best friend and your entire world is your husband. Which is how it’s supposed to be. But every girl NEEDS a couple girl friends on the side for an occasional froyo run.

Am I right?

Anyway, back to this Bachelorette finale. I told the gals I was in, tried to make some homemade toffee (my speciality… or so I thought until I burnt it), picked up some Kisses instead, and headed over to Sarah‘s house. She was such a wonderful hostess and provided delicious and romantic food for us to enjoy, such as chocolate covered strawberries and white chocolate popcorn (which reminds me, I really need that recipe). And an added romantic bonus, she lit candles to really set the mood for the finale.

Sarah’s house was the perfect place for such a party (not to mention, I got to see her darling daughters) because of her projector screen and DVR. The funniest part of the whole night was that in every commercial break, instead of fast forwarding, we just paused the commercials and chatted about what had just happened and who’s team we were on.

JP! No, wait… BEN! Or maybe I do like JP… I DON’T KNOW! Both?

So, that was the night. It was wonderful and I hadn’t laughed so much with a bunch of girls in a while. And let’s just say, I cannot wait for The Bachelor season to start!

Missing The Office.

Dwight: What are you doing?

Kevin: I wanted to eat a pig in a blanket… in a blanket.

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I’m a [Baby Mama]

I’ll write an “official” pregnant post soon that will be emotional and make me want to cry. But for now, just watch clips of Baby Mama and think of me! Here’s one of my favorites.

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This is how it feels…

Okay, maybe I stole the title of this post from Hannah’s blog, but it was a great one and she’s probably excited that I loved it so much I wanted to copy it.

Since we’re talking about Hannah, may I just say that I love her BUT I do not like that she has left me. So the consensus is:

Friends don’t let friends leave forever.

That’s why my goal is to convince her to come back here in the fall.

On a similar note, another best friend is leaving me. On Thursday at 8 pm. Yes, I am talking about Michael Scott. I’m serious. I really am sad. Last night I re-watched the proposal scene and musical tribute the group sang to Michael last week. Adding that to a few previews of this week’s episode, I cried. FULL out cried.

I wish there was a way I could convince him to come back in the fall too.

So, that’s my life. Two of my closest friends are abandoning me, and so I am forced to watch Vitamin C’s Friend’s Forever music video over and over.


Wooden Teeth

Since I spend most of the evenings alone at home studying while T.J. is at the lab working on projects, I like to have a DVD in so I don’t hear the house making creepy noises. Last night I put in Seinfeld-Season 1. One of my favorite episodes of all time is on the first disc of that set.

The Stakeout.

Fortunately, I found the best part of that episode on YouTube (what would we do without that place?). Unfortunately, you have to click through to YouTube because this video won’t embed.

Seriously, this episode has to be one of the best. And I’m pretty much an expert in this field considering I founded and presided over The Seinfeld Club back in high school (we even made shirts).

Enjoy the clip. Now, go home and watch the whole episode.


I want him to have all the urine he needs.

For my new job, I had to take a drug test. Quotes from the one Office episode where they all are given a drug test kept going through my mind. I love how Dwight carried around his urine all afternoon, debating whether or not to give it to Michael (I know that’s gross to say on a blog, Mom, but it must be said).

Hope you enjoy the clip. And if you are wanting to watch the best line from that episode, go to this site.


How You Doin’?

Do you recognize this man?

How about now?

What the heck!? What happened to our favorite Friend?