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Congrats to Megan Hess! She won the Lolly & Pop giveaway! Thanks for entering, everyone, and don’t forget to check out Lolly & Pop’s store for some adorable hair clips and bows!


11th Day of Christmas: Christmas Outfit Linkup

Like I’ve said before, I really love dressing up for Christmas. I think it’s because you can get by with wearing sequins, leather, and sparkles much easier. So, obviously, we dressed up in our Christmas Best on Sunday. I wore a gold sparkly sweater (fun fact: I got that sweater at JCP at the end of the season for like $2 so I bought one in three other colors!) with a textured black skirt, my wedges, and a green statement necklace. Eva wore a sparkly red dress, and TJ wore a Christmas skinny tie with a red sweater and blue blazer. Finny Babe was wearing a cute button-up but slept through pics, so we did classic gang only pictures. To make up for it, I took a picture of him in his cute “Santa’s Favorite” onesie and little red mocs which remind me of elf shoes.

I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner. I’m so ready, but don’t want it to be over because January and February are the wo0o0orst!

Make sure to check out Danica’s blog for her final Christmas outfit linkup! It’s been fun!

9th Day of Christmas: Christmas Outfit Linkup


Why do I set up for Christmas and start listening to Christmas music so early? ^^^ This is why! Christmas is almost here. I cannot believe how quickly this month has gone.

So, my pictures for this outfit linkup is just as bad as usual. But at least we took them! On Friday night, we went on a date so I got dressed up but because we were trying to get out of the house so quickly and then got home so late, I skipped the pictures. On Saturday, we went to see The Christmas Carol with TJ’s family, meaning I had another chance to dress up and snap a photo of the outfit.

Unfortunately, you really can’t see the outfit details from these photos, but I’m wearing suede wedges, leather leggings, a silk top under a sequins sweater with my red plaid coat. I kind of love all the different textures in the ensemble and how fancy it looks, yet it’s so comfortable! That Christmas tree photos is SO poor of quality, it makes me laugh, which is why I included it. Sometimes TJ purposely takes funny photos just to make us laugh, like where he’s zoomed up really close on a body part, or looking up so you see a great angle of my double chin. Thanks for being such a good sport, dear husband.


5th Day of Christmas: Christmas Outfit Linkup (Family Edition)

Lacey from Lacey Lii Photography took some family photos of us for our Christmas card and I’ve wanted to share some with you guys. So, I’m killing two birds with one stone here and linking it up on the 12 Days of Christmas Outfits series with Danica.

Figuring out what to wear for family photos gets exponentially harder as you throw kids into the mix. Trying to get everyone to coordinate is pretty much my worst nightmare, and I’d be lying if it didn’t bring me to tears the night before (postpartum hormones… yikes!). I wanted it to be Christmasy, obviously, and casual… yet classy. So, we came up with this little number and I think they turned out pretty great, thanks to Lacey!

I’ve worn my outfit bunches (I’ve had the sweater dress for years), and most recently wore it to Eva’s Christmas dance showcase but with black boots. It took me a long time to get over the fear of wearing brown and black together, but if you get the right color brown, I think it looks good.

One more thing. Can we just take a moment to wish that Eva’s leggings came in our size? I love them so much, plus they’re the softest material! Oh man, those kids of mine… I can’t get enough of their cuteness! That husband’s not that bad looking either 😉 !

IMG_3565 IMG_3498 IMG_3614 IMG_3686 IMG_3605

Outfit Details: Do you really care? If so, then message me and I can tell you.

2nd Day of Christmas: Christmas Outfit Linkup

I’m sure you all have seen that Instagram Husband video by now, right? I showed it to TJ today and we were laughing so hard… then I asked him to take some photos for me for my blog. Because we had just watched the video, he was teasing me so much which made it even harder to take non-terribly-awkward photos for this 12 Days of Christmas Outfit Linkup! Guys, I just will never be a fashion blogger but like I said on instagram, I really love dressing up for the holidays, so why not give it a shot this time?

So, this skirt from the Loft is probably one of my favorites of all time. It’s leather with pockets and has an elastic waistband so I even wore it when I was pregnant! The only thing about it is that it’s on the verge of being too short, so I have to wear it lower on my hips if I don’t wear it with leggings. Oh, well! I still love it. And the top is from Old Navy-got it on Black Friday for 50%. I was going to have TJ give it to me for Christmas but I just couldn’t wait. Button-ups are my jam right now because of breastfeeding. I sure wish I had it in all colors and patterns because I love the fit and the soft material. As for the shoes, they’re just some black wedges from Target I got several years back. I rarely wear heals anymore but these wedges are quite comfy and bearable for the three hours at church.

IMG_3021 IMG_3020

Make sure you check out Danica’s outfit linkup over here! She’s my outfit inspiration… I wish I was as cool as her 🙂 !