‘Tis the Season

Since I majored in Advertising, I can’t help but to notice all the great campaigns that come out during the Christmas season. So, I’m sure I’ll continue to keep posting more of my favorite YouTube videos. Enjoy these two… they’re quite different, but I love both of them!



Must Watch Commercials


You’re not fooling anyone!

There is a commercial that keeps playing on my Hulu with these two woman who are supposed to be the same person. Really… am I the only person who thinks this was not planned out well? Not only are they completely different heights, their faces don’t look similar at all. Isn’t this obvious? I don’t understandddddd.

Open Happiness

I have realized how much I love Advertising. Well, I’ve always known, considering it is my major. But I didn’t know the extent of my adoration.

Yesterday, I finished my exams. I worked a long day at work. I was going to go to Walmart and buy wrapping paper and some tulle for a craft I’m working on. I decided to also treat myself to a Diet Coke.

When I opened the coke and took the first sip, I seriously thought, “Man, this is really happiness.”

I then realized where I had learned that phrase–from Coke’s slogan–Open Happiness.

They really nailed it with that slogan. They captured how I felt when I took that first sip of coke, letting my stress roll away, and getting excited about the holidays.

Great job, Coke.  Ya nailed it.